Ground floor, 8-2-681/BA/B1-1717, Road No. 12, Banjara hills, Hyderabad-34,
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About Us

De Galleria at Road No. 12 Banjara Hills is all set to become the most happening destination for home-owners wanting to give their homes a make-over. Big or small, De Galleria presents hardware that is guaranteed to make every address look great.

De Galleria store is fully-equipped to cater to the elite residents of Cyberabad. It has an offering for all – those with more humble budgets will find value for money in the many hardware offerings, while those with an expansive canvas will find the exclusivity that they are looking for. The showroom is of use to one and all – for we live in a world where every inch of space must be optimised and every innovation in hardware can complement a house, transforming it into a home.

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